Exploring The Hunter Valley Gardens Shopping Village In Pokolbin

One Day To Explore The Hunter Valley Gardens: Our Ultimate Guide

Exploring The Hunter Valley Gardens Shopping Village In Pokolbin offers a unique opportunity for family outings and distinctive shopping experiences. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, you can enjoy coffee and wine while browsing through unique clothes, sweet treats and beautiful jewellery. This article will show you everything you need to know about this charming place, making you eager to visit and explore.

This shopping village is a unique place filled with one-of-a-kind shops, and better yet, it is conveniently located in the breathtaking Hunter Valley Gardens, which is close to a variety of wonderful wineries, some of which will already be on your travel itinerary if you’ve booked accommodation in the Hunter Valley.

Not only is a visit to the Hunter Valley Gardens a convenient addition to your day due to its proximity to popular wineries, but it is sure to add to the variety of experiences you’ll enjoy in the Hunter Valley. From enjoying the Christmas Lights Spectacular and the serenity of the Gardens themselves to browsing local fashion and stunning jewellery, there truly is something for everyone. And with our expert guide to this shopping paradise in New South Wales’ renowned wine region, you’ll be sure to make the most of your visit.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover delicious dining spots near the Hunter Valley Gardens, like Harrigan’s Hunter Valley Bistro or Taste Of The Country, where you will find tasty food and a roaring fire on cold days. 
  • Find out about the stunning array of bespoke shops and what they have to offer, from artisanal liqueurs at KissOfire to the whimsical lollies on offer at the British Lolly Shop.
  • Discover unique handmade treasures at Byvonne, where every piece tells a story.
  • Must-sees include the Storybook Garden: A nostalgic journey through timeless nursery rhyme characters, captivating visitors of all ages with childhood dreams and fantasies.
  • For a holiday or simply a weekend break, stay at the charming Wandin Valley Estate, a top choice for a scenic retreat in Lovedale, Hunter Valley.

Welcome to the Heart of Hunter Valley Wine Country

A guide to the Hunter Valley Gardens would not be complete without introducing you to the beautiful area it’s nestled in: Pokolbin. As you explore the Hunter Valley wine country, the beauty of Pokolbin welcomes you. It’s a place that shows the best of New South Wales. You’ll find family fun, great shopping, and moments to relax deeply.

Discover the Unique Charm of Pokolbin

Pokolbin is the heart of the wine region, with unique shops and local products. Walking around, you can taste amazing wines. You feel welcomed everywhere, making your shopping experience special.

Experience the Warmth of the Local Community

Pokolbin’s locals make everyone feel at home, from those travelling alone to families. You can meet them and enjoy their friendly vibe. The area is known for its lively events and beautiful scenery. No matter what you’re looking for, fun or peace, you’ll find it in this part of New South Wales.

The village is a unique collection of specialist boutiques catering to a diverse range of interests and tastes. Offering everything from artisanal goods to high-end fashion and gourmet delicacies. It’s a place for great experiences and finding special items. Be sure to visit when you’re in the area for a unique shopping trip.

Indulge in Gourmet Delights and Wine Tastings

Start a tasty journey at the Hunter Valley Gardens. Every flavour there shares a story of both tradition and new ideas. In this Pokolbin hot spot, you can enjoy a variety of gourmet delights and take part in wine tastings that highlight the skills of local winemakers.

Taste Of The Country – Hearty Food With A Warm Welcome

Taste of the Country is a whimsical cafe reminiscent of an old-fashioned country kitchen. Explore specialty options for Coeliac customers and choose from a variety of teas and coffees as you venture indoors for hearty country-sized meals, including big breakfasts, gourmet burgers, ploughman’s platters, wraps, and salads. Additionally, savour a selection of local wines available by the glass or bottle if you fancy a glass of vino. With a dog-friendly policy and a blazing fire in the hearth on cold days, it’s a welcoming haven for all.

Elements Bar: A Fusion of Coffee and Wine

At Elements Bar, enjoy the perfect mix of coffee and wine. It’s a top choice for those who love quality. Let the cellar door atmosphere carry you away. Every sip of wine brings you closer to the beautiful vineyards of Pokolbin.

Gourmet lunchtime treatsFine dining with a selection of local and international dishes, perfectly paired with Hunter Valley wine.The Gardens, Pokolbin
Wine TastingSample a variety of premium wines, from bold reds to crisp whites, directly from the local vineyards.Cellar Door, Pokolbin
Coffee & Wine FusionEnjoy the unique pairing of freshly brewed coffee and fine wines, an ideal treat for any connoisseur.Elements Bar, Pokolbin

If you’re looking for peace or an exciting culinary journey, the Hunter Valley Gardens are the perfect base from which to explore. Escape into a world of gourmet delights and great wine tastings. Your visit to Pokolbin will be unforgettable, with every detail well-designed.

Explore The Unique Collection Of Bespoke Shops

If you’re in Pokolbin, make sure to visit the Hunter Valley Gardens Shopping Village. It’s a special spot with a collection of bespoke shops offering everything from coffee and wine to stunning walks. 

Check out the wide range of goods on offer, from wine to stunning glassware and everything in between. Check out the Australian Alpaca Barn Specialising in Alpaca fashion, homeware, and accessories. 

Everyone can find something they love, whether for their wardrobe or home. It makes for a great day out.

Shop TypeProducts OfferedWhy Put It On Your To-Do List?
Boutique FashionUnique clothing and accessoriesSeasonal collections from local designers
JewelleryElegant rings, necklaces, and bespoke piecesCustom designs and consultations
Home DecorArtisanal crafts, luxury homewaresItems sourced from local artisans
Wine Glass GallerySpecialist glassware for wine enthusiastsGlass blowing demonstrations
Cellar Door ExperienceTastings of regional winesExpert-led wine appreciation sessions

KissOfire – Handmade Liqueurs

KissOfire, an Australian family-owned and operated company, has its roots firmly planted in the picturesque Hunter Valley. Each of their meticulously crafted liqueurs is handmade, ensuring a distinct and delicious flavour in every bottle.

Their commitment to quality has been recognised with the prestigious title of best chilli liqueur in Australia and New Zealand for three consecutive years, awarded by Mr Chilli. 

With their unique blends capturing the attention of chilli enthusiasts worldwide, KissOfire continues to impress with their exceptional offerings, setting the standard for artisanal liqueurs.

The British Lolly Shop – From Bon Bons To Blackpool Rock

Two life-sized British toy soldiers are located just outside the entrance, standing guard over the shop. Even the adult kids will be sure to head for this unique and quirky sweet shop. 

Stacked with a variety of quality confectionery and gourmet products from the UK, including nine varieties of bonbons, lemon sherbets, humbugs, Blackpool Rock, toffee, nougat, chocolate sweets and bars, and Choo Choo bars. 

Snacks and biscuits abound, featuring Walkers and Monster Munch crisps, among others. Additionally, the gourmet range includes Paxo Stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding mix, everyone’s favourite Jaffa cakes, and a range of teas.

 Byvonne – Handcrafted Jewellery and Original Watercolours

Discover exclusive finds in the world of handmade jewellery. These pieces aren’t just accessories; they’re tales told through gems. They show amazing craftsmanship and are perfect to pass down.

Byvonne is a haven for handmade treasures, offering A thoughtfully chosen array of distinctive and handcrafted items. Their collection features meticulously crafted items such as pure soy wax candles, handmade and hand-finished jewellery, and one-of-a-kind art pieces in resin.

For those seeking bespoke additions to their home, Byvonne offers custom platters, cheeseboards, and charcuterie boards, as well as laser-engraved black slate platters and coasters. Their diverse artisanal collection ensures there’s something special for every taste and occasion.

From Stylish Apparel To Quality Homewares

At Wilson & Hunter, you can discover the Wine Country’s ultimate fashion hub, boasting a stunning array of stylish fashion, handbags, shoes, and jewellery. If you’re looking for top-quality homewares, check out The Store Pokolbin: Your go-to general store for locally sourced gourmet groceries, artisanal baked goods, and quality homewares.

Events and Festivals: Experience the Magic First-Hand

In Pokolbin, the Hunter Valley Gardens are a lot more than a spot for unique shopping. They are a buzzing hub for cultural celebrations, perfect for family trips or independent adventurers. Throughout the year, a variety of festivals offer unforgettable experiences for all.

The Christmas Lights Spectacular won the NSW Tourism Awards for 2021. The enchanting event turns the gardens into a glowing wonderland. This event, with others like the Mega Creatures Night Safari, highlights Pokolbin’s special allure. The gardens even reached the finals at the NSW Tourism Awards, showcasing their quality.

EventWhat’s On?When Can You See It?
Christmas Lights SpectacularLuminous displays, family activities, festive atmosphereNovember – January
Mega Creatures Night SafariGigantic creature displays, interactive experiences, night toursSpring
Food and Wine FestivalsGourmet local produce, wine tastings, cooking demosAutumn

With annual passes, you can dive into these adventures all year round. This way, every visit to the Hunter Valley Gardens is filled with new wonders. These passes are perfect for those who love experiencing the changing seasons through various events.

Why not time your visit with these extraordinary celebrations? Come and see why the Hunter Valley Gardens are known for dazzling events and fun family activities. Plan your visit to Pokolbin today.

Outdoor Adventures: From Aqua Golf to Snow Time

Start an adventure full of fun and laughter at Hunter Valley Gardens, a known spot for family happiness in Pokolbin. It’s not just a place for rare finds; it’s a centre for exciting adventures for all. Check out the unique activities, like snow time in the garden. A place where you can create a snow angel or build a snowman, then race down the Giant Ice Toboggan or glide across the Ice Skating Rink.

Embrace Your Inner Child with Custom-built Rides

Imagine a place where soaring thrills and endless joy meet. The Hunter Valley Gardens is a top choice for tourists and heaven for the young at heart. Whether you fancy the quick Superslide or the splash-tastic Aqua Golf, fun is guaranteed. Each thrilling ride is specially made for creative outdoor joy, making every moment a memory.

Annual Passes: Unlimited Fun Across The Seasons

Why stick to one fun day when you can have a year of adventures? Grab an annual pass for limitless visits to the Hunter Valley Gardens and its attractions. Spring brings blooming flowers, while winter lights up with festivities. An annual pass is a great deal that invites unplanned family joy right next to Pokolbin’s top spots.

Unwind in Nature: The Hunter Valley Gardens

Bill and Imelda Roche built the Hunter Valley Gardens with the help of a dedicated team of over 40 landscape gardeners, architects, and engineers. This special place feels like a true countryside retreat, with its quiet gardens and beautiful landscapes. These spaces are looked after by a team of over 40 dedicated gardeners.

Soak Up Nature Along Eight Kilometres of Walking Paths

Walking through Hunter Valley Gardens means entering a serene world. The many paths there take you past stunning scenes, where greenery meets carefully planned events. It’s perfect for both thoughtful walks and days of lighthearted exploration.


The gardens are crisscrossed by eight kilometres of walking paths winding through 14 hectares, which may prove difficult to navigate for those with mobility needs. However, disabled visitors are invited to bring personal wheelchairs, and they offer free entry to support workers carrying a Companion Card. 

They accept registered guide dogs and companion dogs, and free parking is provided, with limited spots reserved for disabled parking. For further information on specific needs, you can always get in touch with their friendly team at the visitor information centre.

The Storybook Garden: Where Imagination Roams Free

The Storybook Garden is a fairytale come true, filled with fun and fantasy. Families and anyone who loves stories find joy here. It’s a place where nature and play meet, creating wonderful memories for everyone.

Wandin: the best Accommodation the Hunter Valley has to offer

With so much to see, you might want to stay a few more days. So head to Wandin Valley Estate for a retreat like no other. It’s the top choice for authentic vineyard accommodation Hunter Valley locals and travellers both love. Tucked away in Hunter Valley’s rolling hills, it’s more than just a place to sleep. It offers a scenic stay that brings peace and natural beauty together. Wandin Valley Estate is also close to Hunter Valley Gardens and boutique shops, so it’s easy to explore the charming surroundings. After your adventures, return to your lavish room, where homely warmth meets comfort.

Stunning Views

At Wandin Valley Estate, expect more than usual hospitality. Picture yourself waking up to peaceful vineyard views. You’ll see morning mist over the fields, a beautiful lake reflecting the sunrise, and a quiet cricket pitch for fun games. Every little thing here is designed to awaken the senses.

“Our natural environment is a source of immense pride for us, and we find great joy in sharing this special place with you”.

Leona Emeny, General Manager, Wandin Valley Estate

Wine & Dining

Experience the vineyard charm at the cellar door and try Hunter Valley’s best exquisite wines. Each wine has its tale, mixing the old with the new in taste. Then, indulge in exquisite dining. You’ll taste gourmet meals that showcase Hunter Valley’s food culture brilliantly.

“We exist to create an experience to take you on the ultimate sensory journey”. –

Leona Emeny, General Manager, Wandin Valley Estate

The Perfect Event Location

If you’re planning a business retreat, this is the perfect place. It offers ample space for corporate events. With a cricket pitch for games and activities, and nature surrounding you on all sides, not to mention the great personalised service, it’s ideal for both relaxation and work. Wandin Valley Estate is a top choice for companies aiming to inspire their teams in a unique location.

So if you’re searching for an exceptional getaway or event location in Hunter Valley, Wandin Valley Estate is the answer. Among the best Hunter Valley accommodations and event spaces, it ensures a memorable stay, allowing you to soak in the beauty of one of Australia’s most loved areas.

Plan Your Visit: Tips and Essential Information

Heading to Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley is exciting, no matter what you’re into. It’s full of unique experiences of all kinds, from taking in beautiful vineyards, to sampling delicious wines, browsing unique shops and immersing yourself in nature. And there is just as much choice on offer when it comes to selecting your accommodation.

Accommodation Options for Every Taste

Pokolbin has places for everyone, from the charming vineyard-side retreats at Wandin Valley Estate to the comfort of Mercure Resort Hunter Valley Gardens. Each spot offers special activities, like tasting wine straight from the cellars or enjoying scenic nature walks.


What can I expect to find at the Hunter Valley Gardens Shopping Village?

The shopping village is a great place to find unique items and offers great dining options. It has everything from handcrafted jewellery at Byvonne’s to a beautiful selection of gifts from Daisy Lane Gifts.

Is the Hunter Valley the best spot for those who love wining and dining?

Absolutely! You can find delicious food and wines in Hunter Valley Gardens and Pokolbin. We recommend Elements Bar for a great mix of coffee and wine. Don’t miss trying out the local produce and the cellar door experiences.

Are there events and festivals I can experience at Hunter Valley Gardens?

Yes, you’ll find lots of events and festivals in the gardens. The Christmas Lights Spectacular bring generations together for a fun day. The gardens are also a finalist for the NSW Tourism Awards. It’s a great place for family to enjoy some special celebrations together. Be sure to check the date and time of each event so that you don’t miss out.

What outdoor activities are available at Hunter Valley Gardens?

Outside the entrance to Hunter Valley Gardens, visitors are greeted by the bustling hub of activity and excitement. There’s plenty to do, from Aqua Golf to the thrilling Superslide. Kids and adults will love the rides. For ongoing fun, consider an annual pass for unlimited visits.

Can I see at the Hunter Valley Gardens?

Hunter Valley Gardens is a peaceful place for a scenic stroll. The paths stretch on for kilometres. The Storybook Garden is perfect for those who love nature and stories.

What is the best accommodation available for an extended stay in Hunter Valley?

For those looking for a very special stay, Lovedale’s Wandin Valley Estate is a top option. It offers beautiful views, its own cricket pitch, and a quiet lake. Plus, enjoy great food, rolling hills and vineyard views.

How can I make the most of my trip to Pokolbin and the Hunter Valley Gardens?

You might want to take a standby list of shops and attractions you intend to visit to make your visit special. Explore the different places to stay. Don’t forget to check out the vast array of locally sourced wines. Enjoy fine dining and being in nature. Look for special deals to make your trip unforgettable.


Exploring The Hunter Valley Gardens Shopping Village In Pokolbin is not just a stop in NSW’s famous wine country. It’s a place full of unique shops. You can find everything from hair and beauty salons to antiques and collectables. 

It’s not just a shopping spot; it’s an experience. The village is like a fashion and food festival. It meets your need for style and taste.

Families love the adventures it offers. There are lush gardens, great wines, and amazing food. It makes places to stay like Wandin Valley Estate shine. Your time there is about homely warmth mixed with nature, creating treasured moments.

The garden and its events make every day special. They add another layer to your visit, full of unforgettable moments.

Your Hunter Valley trip is sure to be full of surprises, from the twinkling lights to the rich wines. You’ll never forget the magic of this special place.

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